June 23, 2011

But wait…it’s only January! Wondering what’s with the title?
Well…for those of you that haven’t heard…Jonathan and I are expecting a baby on June 23, 2011! Yep! That’s right…the Lord saw it fitting to make us parents and boy are we excited! Currently, I am 4 months pregnant…only 5 months to go! Now that I’m in the 2nd trimester, I’m feeling fantastic. My appetite is back, energy levels are up (a little bit anyway) and in just about a month we get to find out if Baby Stoddard is a boy or girl. And in just a few short weeks, I should start to feel fetal movement. They say that some women start to feel it around 16 weeks, but most don’t realize it because it is such a small amount of movement that people often mistake it for gas. ūüėČ
Anyway, below is a photo of the 8-week ultrasound & another photo of me at around 13 weeks. Don’t worry…more photos to follow but this is all I have for now. Stay tuned!

  1. I love it! You two will make great parents!

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