Growing like a weed!

Our little girl will be 12 weeks tomorrow…gosh, how time flies! I experienced a slight panic moment last night just thinking about how much Molly has grown and how I’ve done such a horrible job blogging and documenting all of her changes – I don’t want to forget anything but I feel like it’s all happening so fast! So I’m going to try to blog something at least once a month…just so I can process this all and so I can look back and remember these incredible little moments. 🙂

I can say without a doubt that as Molly is getting older, she is also getting much easier. Or perhaps Jon and I are just getting into the swing of things? Maybe both. At any rate, I’m definitely appreciating the fact that Molls has been sleeping 5-7 hours/night since about 9 weeks or so! There are a few outliers…strangely in both directions. She will have an occasional night where she wakes more than once for a feeding. And then there was the time when I worked a 12-hour shift last Friday night where Molly decided that she too was going to work for 12 hours – SLEEPING! Can you believe it?!? Jon put her in her swing around 6pm so that he could eat dinner…and the little bean didn’t wake up until 6am! She went that full 12 hours, gently rocking back and forth in her swing. But poor Jon was so worried about her that he didn’t sleep all that great. We figure she must have just wanted the time to pass by quickly since I was gone at work. 😉 Who knows?! Well…that hasn’t happened again. But still, I’ll take 5-7 hours/night. No prob.

In the last couple of weeks Molly has also started talking to us more. She has mastered most of her vowels and she smiles A LOT when we say things to her like “foo” and “goo” – it’s pretty hilarious. She’s even laughed twice! I think they were accidents and unfortunately Jon didn’t witness them, but I’m pretty sure there will be more laughter before too long.

We continue to try to have tummy time each day, but she really doesn’t like it. Wait, that’s an understatement. She gets hysterical and pretty much hates tummy time. But we try! And I have to laugh a little when we put her on her tummy because you can see how strong willed she is (a Stoddard trait for sure!). She kicks like crazy with her feet as if she’s trying to crawl and she gets really upset because she’s not coordinated enough yet to actually get anywhere or flip herself over. Again…in time I’m sure she’ll figure it out. 🙂

In the last couple of weeks Molly has also developed much better head control. She still at times looks like a “bobble head baby” but when you are holding her upright she can move her head from side to side and is very fascinated by people and lights. She will stare at both for extended periods of time – just studying them intensely. And she’s perfectly content doing so! Most of her crying these days is simply from hunger, gas, or a wet/dirty diaper – things that are relatively easy to fix. Aside from that she is a very easy and happy baby! God is good!

    • Jonathan
    • November 1st, 2018

    I am so cute!

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