Pennsylvania…here’s the scoop!

Hello friends and family! Let me begin this post by catching you all up to speed on these last few months:

May 2010: Jon packed up basically our entire life (with the help of our pastor in Denver and some awesome guys from the High School youth group) into a HUGE moving truck and drove allllll the way from Denver to Philadelphia to put our stuff in storage. He then boarded a plane to Atlanta, drove with his friend Jimmy to Savannah, and started cycling across the United States on May 24th. Meanwhile, I remained working at The University of Colorado Hospital in the Neuro ICU until June 1st, crashing at my former college roommate Katelyn’s condo. (Thanks, Katelyn!)

June 2010: I met Jon and Jimmy in Paris, TX on June 4th after a 2 day drive from Colorado. This was Day 12 of their ride across America…nearly half way! Jon and Jimmy piled their gear into my car and I followed them (along with Jimmy’s wife and their daughter) all the way to the end of their ride on June 21, 2010 in San Diego, CA! My parents met us in San Diego to congratulate and cheer for the guys at the end of their 29 day journey on bicycles. We had an awesome meal with them and then headed back to Claremont, CA to my parent’s home just for the night. The following day, Jon and I took off in my car, back to Colorado. But before leaving Claremont, we made all the necessary stops: 42nd Street Bagel and Somecrust Bakery in the Village. We would have gone to Patty’s, but they weren’t open that early. 😉 A fortuitous thing happened at 42nd Street – my cousins Rachel and Lizzy were there! It was completely random but so awesomely exciting as I wanted to be able to tell them goodbye before making the move to Philly!
Anyway, our journey continued, through Vegas and then to Monument, CO to stay with Jon’s family for a couple days before heading to Philadelphia. Awesomely, it worked out for Amy, Jon’s sister, to ride with us all the way from CO to PA! We were thankful for the chance to hang out some with Amy and also share the driving with her. Along the way we stopped in MO and in Pittsburgh where we stayed the night with one of Jon’s friends from VA, Mark, and his wife Helena. They spoiled us with some delicious home cooking and by June 28th, we found ourselves saying “hello” to our new home: Philadelphia, PA!

July 2010: After temporarily getting situated in Philly, me interviewing/getting offered/accepting a job and Jon beginning Ancient Hebrew at Westminster, we took a mini-vacation over the 4th of July to upstate NY for a Stoddard/Walter Family Reunion. Jon’s sisters Amy and Celeste joined us for the road trip and it was so fun having all of us together again! The reunion was a blast – figuratively and literally as Jon’s cousin Tom made sure to have a plentiful supply of fireworks to entertain us.

August/September 2010: August seemed to fly by! So fast that I’m having trouble remember much of it, other than the fact that Jonathan successfully finished 2nd semester Hebrew and by mid-September started his 3rd and final semester of Hebrew along with 1st semester Greek and a whole slew of other courses at Westminster…which he is fully enjoying, by the way. I also started a class at Westminster on Thursday nights called “Dynamics of Biblical Change.” The course is all about how people can change because God is in the process of making right everything that goes wrong! It’s a refreshing way to spend an evening after a long day at work…let me tell you. I hope to take more courses at WTS in these next few years we spend here! During these two months we also started regularly attending Cresheim Valley Church in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philly – really close to our home that we moved into September 1st.
Speaking of our home…it was quite a find! It is located in Erdenheim, which is a town right next to Glenside where the seminary is located. There are lots of older homes and big trees and although it’s close to the city, it’s a completely different feel. The home is a Victorian Twin built about a hundred years ago – we live on the 2nd and 3rd floor (along with Celeste) just above our landlord and her two kids. It’s very spacious…3 bedrooms, although there is only one bath! But it’s got so many other great features, that isn’t much of a concern. The top floor is where the bedrooms are, plus a laundry room with a full size washer & dryer plus a sink. The main floor contains the kitchen + kitchen table, bathroom, large living room, and a separate dining room. It’s being able to host many people comfortably at the same time…the tricky part is the awkward closet space that is a quirk of old homes…but Jonathan is pretty handy and put in some extra shelves and even made one of the upstairs closets into our walk-in clothes closet. 😉
Lastly, we took a trip down to Maryland in September (me, Jonathan and Celeste) to visit Jon’s grandfather’s brother and his family (The Reids). We had a lovely reunion with them…Uncle Paul and Aunt Lorraine were such great hosts. Their love for the Lord is so evident in their love for one another and their love for their whole family. We went to church with them on Sunday and Celeste sang during the service, then we had a large reception complete with trivia and bingo after church was over. It was such an encouragement spending time with them and we hope to visit again soon!

October 2010: And here we are…October already! We are finally in to Fall weather, such a welcome change from the hot & humid summer. The leaves are starting to turn and we’ve been able to enjoy hot beverages once again as it cools down in the evenings. Work & school have been going well for all and Jonathan and I are especially looking forward to the end of this month when we celebrate our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! We made plans today to spend one night in the Poconos at a bed and breakfast near the Delaware. For those that aren’t familiar, the Poconos are a mountain range in Northeast PA (not the Rockies…but the next best thing) and we are looking forward to possibly doing some hiking while we are there.

Last but not least…some photos of our home!

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