The little one!

Hi everyone! So to re-cap…Jonathan and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little one on June 23, 2011 (or somewhere around there…because how many people actually have their baby on the due date?!).
And…for those that don’t know already…we’re having a…GIRL!!!

Today marks 28 weeks & 3 days, to be precise. I am so happy to be in the third trimester although I have been feeling much more fatigued recently. Getting up & down and bending, especially to tie my shoes, is also not quite as simple as it used to be. But…overall the Lord has been so good and I feel quite mobile given how round my belly is getting!

Today Jonathan and I purchased a great bargain from craigslist…a pine dresser that will double as our little girl’s changing table. We are so excited! When Jon finishes this semester in mid-May he is going to get to work organizing his office/baby room. I am so looking forward to this…I’m already feeling the need to nest! I will do my best to post some more photos in the future as things come together.
And…as for a name for our little girl…stay tuned… 🙂

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