Bit of a rough start…

Happy Sunday everyone!!! So here’s the news for today…I called Jonathan when church got out, thinking he was probably already on his way to Atlanta to meet Jimmy at that point. To my surprise, a couple minutes later, Jonathan called! Apparently the flight he was supposed to be on took off from a different gate than that which was listed on the monitor…in other words…he missed his flight! He even captured a photo of the monitor on his iPhone just to prove he wasn’t imagining it! He said there was another man there that missed his flight as well. Luckily, by now, Jon should be on another flight that is going to Orlando before heading to Atlanta…so he’ll be a little bit late but he should get there today at least. Kind of a rough start! But for some reason God wanted Jon to miss that flight…
The bike ride starts tomorrow, and if you haven’t done so already, check out the bike blog!

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