Food and Bikes and Busy Times!

I attempted to post a blog the other day – only to discover that somehow I’d managed to delete the whole contents of the post prior to publishing! Still not sure how I managed this, but nonetheless, here I go again. 🙂

For those that don’t know, Jonathan and I LOVE to cook! We also love to eat what we cook and share our creations with others. Lately we’ve been on a soup kick, but let me back track a little bit first. A few weeks ago I found a great recipe in one of my cookbooks for homemade tomato soup. Yum! But then I started reading the directions which involved pureeing the hot soup in the blender in one of the final stages – yikes! The last time I did this was in the fall with butternut squash soup and I was not eager to jump back on the train that ends with scorching soup exploding all over my face followed by shock and tears and pleading with Jonathan to help with the soup fiasco while I shower! Anyway, in relaying this story to a friend at church last fall, I remembered her recommendation that we purchase an immersion blender – kind of like a magic wand that purees your soup for you in the same pot you cooked it in literally a minute. No messy splatters and super easy/quick cleanup. Seriously, if you like soup and smoothies, go find that Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon that you probably have around your house somewhere and get an immersion blender! 25 bucks well spent.

Here’s a photo of another soup we made and blended…Garden Broccoli Cheddar. It was from a 30 minute recipe cookbook and my mouth is watering as I type this thinking of how delish it was! I’ll aim to get the recipe posted on here by next week.

In other news…bittersweet news, to be sure…we are officially set to move out of our place in Denver on May 19th. Jon will then drive a huge moving truck full of most of our stuff to PA, load it in storage, then fly to Atlanta and start his bike trip across the US with Jimmy on May 24th! What a way to spend the month prior to starting seminary, right?! Brittany, Jimmy’s wife, and their 2-year-old daughter Ada, will then fly to Denver around June 8th where we will pile into my car and meet the guys somewhere in Texas. This way, the guys can put all of their heavy gear into my car to make their trek across the hilly regions in New Mexico and Arizona a little bit more bearable. We will also be able to encourage them and provide some much needed comfort and company in the scorching sun and barren roads they will travel on. I can’t wait! When the bike ride concludes in San Diego, somewhere around June 20th, Jon and I will then drive back to Colorado to pick up Jon’s car and head for Philadelphia so that Jon can start Ancient Hebrew on June 30th. Whew! These next few months will be nothing short of exciting, that’s for sure…

More updates to come, but until then, aloha!

  1. Hi Lisa! Sounds like life is exciting in your neck of the woods. I love my immersion blender too!! I use it all the time.

    • Carol Alsum
    • April 29th, 2010

    I am on my 2nd immersion blender. And will upgrade when this on wears out. Works w/ crushed ice for icees also. We are going to so miss you guys but know it is God’s will.

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